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Staff reporter, Crosscut
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Session: Animals & Us

5 p.m. Friday, May 7

Our relationship to animals — whether it’s the inefficiencies of meat-eating for a population of billions or conservation efforts for at-risk species — has arguably never been so vital to how we consider our plans to adjust for and mitigate climate change. And then there are the questions of morality. Peter Singer, best known for his defining book, Animal Liberation, is joined by Michelle Nijhous, author of the new book on the history of the conservation movement, Beloved Beasts, for a conversation with moderator and Crosscut Science & Environment Reporter Hannah Weinberger about our sustainability and empathy for animals.


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About Hannah Weinberger

Hannah Weinberger is a reporter at Crosscut focused on science and the environment. Previously on staff at Wirecutter, Bicycling, and Outside, Hannah's coverage explores outdoor recreation, natural resources, and similar tension points between humans and the natural world. Her work has also appeared in CNN, Pacific Standard, Medium, Sierra Magazine, Triathlete, and other publications. Reach her on Twitter @weinbergrrrrr and email at hannah.weinberger@crosscut.com.


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